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Digital authentication is the process of determining the validity of one or more authenticators used to claim a digital identifier.


The related term identity-proofing is different from authentication. In identity solutions requiring identity-proofing, that function occurs prior to credential issuance. Specifically related to e-authentication

Example: Username/password or public-key cryptography are traditional forms of authentication, as is a conversation with a customer service representative over the phone in which information is exchanged to establish identity.

Approved definition was finalized and approved by those in attendance at the AHG meeting of 12/12/2013.

This page has been updated to track the changes introduced in NIST 800-63-3 in June of 2017. The biggest difference is the introduction of the word authenticators ,


NIST 800-63-3B June 2017

OASIS SAML Glossary 2.0: To confirm a system entity’s asserted Principal Identity with a specified, or understood, level of confidence.


MC Approved

Currently in final approval with the AHG.


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