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An attribute set that can be uniquely distinguished in a given context and can be used for a digital interaction.


The strategy is about digital identities. Page 21 of the Strategy states that “The Identity Ecosystem is the embodiment of the [NSTIC] vision. It is an online environment where individuals and organizations can trust each other because they follow agreed-upon standards and processes to identify and authenticate their digital identities—and the digital identities of organizations and devices.”

The current definition was added to the glossary on 12/10 after consensus approval during the AHG Meeting on 12/5/2013.

This term is sometime confused with the digital identifier, which is but one attribute of the list of identifying attributes. If only a single attribute is provided, it is consider to be an identifier.


National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (April 15, 2011) Previous proposed definitions include:

  1. An attribute or set of attributes that represent a subject in an online transaction.
  2. A set of attributes, in a digital environment, that uniquely distinguishes an entity in context. (Krum, D'Agostino)


MC Approved


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