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This section contains some of the comments and observations collected about the current Plenary format and schedule. It is intended to help shape the context for identifying and selecting options for future in-person and online plenary meetings.

Please use the Discussion page to make suggestions and comment on this page.

So far, IDESG only has two types of Plenary Meetings: in-person and virtual.

For in-person plenary meetings, Remote Attendance is offered, with video streaming, audio, chat and screen sharing tools provided by default.

In-Person Plenary Meetings

Barriers to Attendance

  • Cost for travel to event
  • Meetings too frequent to get work done for next meeting

Benefits & Drawbacks to In-Person Participants


  • Networking with IDESG peers
  • Increased likelihood of cross-pollination of ideas


  • Types of meetings not always best suited to in-person

Benefits & Drawbacks to Remote Participants


  • No travel cost
  • Can participate in specific meeting depending on availability or interest


  • Remote tools never fully capture the in-person experience

Logistics and Organizing Challenges

  • Cost of venue
  • Cost to support remote participants
  • Relatively high effort to organize the schedule versus frequency of in-person meetings

Suggestions for Improvements

  • Ensure sufficient unscheduled time to improve networking opportunities
  • Solicit sponsorships to cover some costs
  • Decrease the number of in-person meetings
  • Hold in-person meetings in a wider variety of cities