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This article is under construction and should not be considered complete.
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The IDESG self-assessment listing service program, for identity service providers who wish to provide data to the public about their progress towards the NSTIC Principles as detailed in the IDEF Requirements, is currently in ALPHA TESTING. Participants in the alpha testing phase operate on the Alpha Terms separately posted here: SALS ALPHA TESTER Package. This is an index of the current drafts of the proposed terms and informational materials for the production self-assessment program, when it is launched at the conclusion of its testing phase.

Prospective alpha test participants should start with reviewing the SALS_ALPHA_TESTER_Package. Prospective participants in the program after its launch should review the draft documents indexed here. Providers may wish to start with the Application Instructions and the FAQs; users by reading the FAQs.

Please Note:
The definitive current text for each of these documents is posted as a free-standing, downloadable document available by a web link. Unless otherwise noted, these wiki versions of the documents are provided for convenience; the definitive terms are as stated in the latest version of the static document directly downloaded from IDESG's site.

SALS Provider Information

This program is in ALPHA TESTING phase. The displayed data for early respondents will be linked here when initially available.

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