SALS Self-Assessment Matrix

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This article is under construction and should not be considered complete.
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Please Note:
The definitive current text for this document is the PDF download provided here:

SALS Matrix (PDF)
Saved static documents may not always represent the most current information. Applicant providers are encouraged to return to this page to obtain the most recent version of the Matrix.

This downloadable PDF document will be updated from time to time as the SALS program updates and improves.
IDESG deliberately does not provide a Wiki / web form of this document, because users must use IDESG's PDF form, and return it to IDESG as described in the SALS Application Instructions in order for IDESG to receive and correctly process the replies.
The primary purpose of this Matrix is to serve as the re-publishable public report of the submitting entity. Accordingly, while some of the information on an Attestation may not be shared with the public (see the SALS Data Handling and Use Policy), please only provide information on the Matrix that is appropriate for wide distribution.
For more information on the Matrix form and its use, please see the Application Instructions, and the SALS FAQs.

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