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Quick Links: Taxonomy | Taxonomy Project Management | Taxonomy AHG Catalog | Taxonomy AHG Glossary |

Taxonomy Ad Hoc Group

The Taxonomy Ad Hoc Group (AHG) was established by the Standards Committee and the Security Committee, and has weekly meetings listed on the IDESG Event Calendar. The AHG has developed a list of terms to be defined, and has been working through the process.

Taxonomy AHG Status and Background

The year end summary is provided to document the status of the AHG work and to enable new participants and interested parties to understand our accomplishments and how we got there. The Taxonomy AHG Listserv is also an important source of learning for new members.

File:Taxonomy AHG 2013 YE Summary 011414 final.docx

PROPOSED NEW TAXONOMY AHG ON-DEMAND PROCESS - File:Taxonomy AHG On-Demand Process draft v1.pptx

Taxonomy AHG Glossary

The set of AHG approved terms as well as those which are currently in the AHG review and approval process. Taxonomy AHG Glossary

Taxonomy AHG Catalog

This reflects a list of proposed terms and their status within the AHG. Unlike the Glossary, this list is more dynamic and intended to spur consideration and discussion around the addition of new terms and concepts. Taxonomy AHG Catalog

Taxonomy Sources

This page contains a table of sources that were used to develop the Glossary and Catalog. Please submit any new potential sources or references so that they can be added to this list. Taxonomy Sources

Taxonomy Project Management

This page contains the open actions of the AHG, as well as meeting notes, reference materials, and other useful information. Taxonomy Project Management

So that we are clear...

Term? Concept? What do these words mean? And others like them? Am I using the right word? See the IDESG Reference Lexicon for the formal definitions as used in this work...

If I don't find a term? Or I want to start a new discussion?

We have agreed a simple process for creating new entries in the Catalog:

  1. Any IDESG member can submit a completed "Proposed Concept" form - see below;
  2. Once submitted, the Taxonomy AHG will perform a quick "completeness review" to ensure there is enough material and information with which to proceed (consulting with known domain or subject-matter experts in other committees as necessary);
  3. If the proposal is viable,
    1. it will be added to the list in the Taxonomy AHG Catalog and flagged as a "Candidate";
    2. the initial Candidate Concept page will be 'locked' so that the content is initially stable;
  4. From that moment onward, it is "open season" for any IDESG member to add to the "Discussion" page associated with the Candidate Concept page;
    1. The Taxonomy AHG may unlock the content page at different stages of the discussion in order to allow collective editing;
    2. The Discussion page may also be locked at certain stages if it is felt that a wider discussion should take place on the IDESG Discussion Forum

To start the process of creating a new candidate concept, please visit Concept Creation Guidelines.

Quick Links: Taxonomy | Taxonomy Project Management | Taxonomy AHG Catalog | Taxonomy AHG Glossary |