InCommon IAAF 1.1

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Title: InCommon Identity Assurance Assessment Framework

Category: Trust Framework Provider Specification

Date: 5/9/2011

Creator: InCommon

Status: the original link is dead - the program seems to have been abandoned - the following links work:


Description: The document defines the identity assurance trust model used by InCommon and provides the process for assessing and certifying Identity Provider Operators.

Privacy: Some discussion of the subject trusting the IDP to protect privacy, and real-time versus pre-approved consent for sharing PII. No requirements though.

Security: The document is an information security assurance framework.

Interoperability: The document promotes interoperability by specifying the requirements for a service to operate at the defined identity assurance profiles.

Terms: Address Of Record, Assertion, Attributes, Attribute Service, Authentication Secret, Credential, Credential Store, Identity, Identity Attributes, Identity Management System, Identity Provider, Idms Database, Idms Operations, Idp Operator, Protected Channel, Registration, Registration Authority, Relying Parties, Service Provider, Subject, Token, User Agent, Verifier