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Status: Proposed This Use Case is under development by members of the use cases ad hoc group.

Title: Option Not to Track

Use Case Description: A human user interacts with their Identity Provider to instruct the IdP that it is not to track the relying parties to which the IdP issues assertions.

Use Case Category: Privacy

Contributor: Adam Lewis - Individual - Unaffiliated

Use Case Details


Goals / User Stories: The human user is able to maintain privacy and avoid a single IdP from becoming an all-knowing source of tracking all web activities of a user. The IdP may choose to keep a record of assertions, but it must present the user with the option to not keep such records.

Assumptions: It is assumed that the human user has an account with an Identity Provider.


  • The Identity Provider must present the human user with an adminstrative option to enable the user to specifiy that it does not want the Identity Provider to retain a record of the web sites that the user visits.
  • If an IdP has previously been keeping records of assertions / web sites visited, then choosing to stop tracking must present the user with the option to delete all stored records from before that time.

Process Flow:

Success Scenario: The user is able to obtain identity assertions from the IdP without the sites they visit being tracked.
Error Conditions:


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