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Standards Inventory

Welcome to the Standards Inventory! This is meant to be a compilation of known identity-related standards - a survey of the identity standards landscape. It is not an endorsement by the IDESG of any listed standard.

The IDESG Standards Inventory is a listing of standards relevant to the Identity Ecosystem and related domains. The Standards Inventory is INFORMATIVE, not mandatory. That is, the listing of standards in the IDESG Inventory is intended to inform of standards that bear relevance to the Identity Ecosystem as a reference. The IDESG makes no qualitative assessment or recommendation for the use or implementation of the standards in the Standards Inventory for the Identity Ecosystem.

Anyone with an wiki login may add a standard to the inventory, update information for a listed standard, or provide comments on a listed standard via the discussion tab.

Due to recent IDESG system changes, not all IDESG members can currently log 
into the wiki to add items here as described below.
Please contact the Framework Management Office through
Paul Knight (
to request the addition of standards or specifications to this page.

This is an automatically generated list from the Wiki pages of submitted/listed standards.

To submit a proposed standard to the Committee, complete "Section A: Nomination” of the IDESG Standards Nomination Form and send it to the Standards Coordination Committee (SCC) listserv ( at the attention of the SCC Chair.

The form is also stored in this wiki at File:IDESG Standards Nomination Form 2016.docx.

To add a new standard into the Inventory, type in a standard name and click the button: <inputbox> type=create editintro=Template:Standard/editintro preload=Template:Standard placeholder=Enter short name or reference buttonlabel=Add Standard break=no </inputbox>

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