February 28, 2017 UXC Meeting Page

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  • Tom Jones
  • Ellen Nadeau
  • Jim Kragh
  • Linda Braun, Global Inventures

  • Meeting Minutes
    • None approved this week.
  • Tom Jones reviewed the new information he added on the wiki -Identifier Used in Best Practices under Best Practices.


  • This isn't part of a standard, it's part of Best Practices. In order to have interop you have to have agreement on syntax. Syntax as an identifier becomes important. We would meet our requirements for interop if we used OpenID. What is the format we would use for a Best Practices? (n. b. The OpenID 1.0 code required a different syntax for identifiers that uses URL encoding of a.b.c described in the acct: scheme. There are a few existing Open ID providers that still use only the acct: scheme. If they have not fixed their code to permit the mailto: scheme for acquiring configuration information, they will not be able to provision IDs for this design.) The user does not see the blinding information.
  • Tom will add clarifying text to this section.
  • Tom also added some information under the Engineering Risk for Private Information that was discussed last week. NIST Internal Report 8062 An Introduction to Privacy Engineering and Risk Management in Federal Systems issued in January 2017.
  • Chat: Tom Jones@All: https://wiki.idesg.org/wiki/index.php?title=User_Private_Information.
  • Ellen will take a look at Tom's input.
  • Mary suggested another piece of work that UXC could do. It has come up in regards to the SOW that the IDEF Registry Group has been working on. The UX porton comes from two place - the work Noreen Whysel has done on feedback from the Beta and Best Practices and requirements input the UXC did earlier.
  • Mary suggested replying our own requirements to the IDEF Registry site as part of the UXC work in 2017. Mary would like to devote some time at next week's meeting to review the UX requirements and compare against the IDEF Registry website and describe in the SOW. We should have this completed within the next six weeks. Mary would like to ask folks from the IDEF Registry group to attend the UXC meeting when this is discussed (Carl Mattocks, Jim Kragh and David Temoshok).
  • It was suggested that there be an informal review of the website work that Tom Jones has put together as a Best Practices document. Mary suggested UXC do the review and send comments via email.
  • Mary will send the link to the UXC list.
  • Adjourn
    • 12:59 p.m. EST

  • Next meeting is scheduled for March 7, 2017.