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Status: Proposed
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As the world becomes more digital, some members of society will find their access to the digital world limited for economic and cultural reasons. The ID ecosystem must be structured in such a manner as to include all who wish to participate.

Value and Context for Use in IDESG

In order for NSTIC to have the desired scope, all individuals that should be included in the domain will need to have easy access to identity credentials that enable them to access the benefits to which they are entitled.

Formal Definition

When a relation between two classes exists where all members of the first class are also members of the second class.

Source materials used

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Potential problems

One of the major features of strong authentication of an individual's identity is a proofing process where existing documentation is used to establish identity. Some of the factors that limit an individual's access include:

  • Some regulations exclude proofing documents issued outside of the local government jurisdiction.
  • Many identity providers require payment of one sort or another.
  • Some cultures do not trust the identity providers, even when they are citizens of the locality.
  • Some foreign nationals may not be able to obtain local documentation.


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