January 17, 2017 UXC Meeting Page

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  • Mary Hodder
  • Tom Jones
  • Jim Kragh
  • Ellen Nadeau
  • Suzanne Lightman
  • Linda Braun, Global Inventures

  • Meeting Minutes
  • No minutes approved this week.

  • Current Work and Activities Discussion:

  • Replying Party Best Practices and example for a RP system was discussed during the call.


    • The following link takes you to the website: http://idesg-rp.azurewebsites.net/
    • Tom asked if he was close to getting the feel on how to display the IDESG Registered mark. He has had no feedback other than what he spoke about with Jim Kragh.
    • Mary indicated that TFTM is currently working on how the registry mark will be used. Tom will join the next TFTM meeting to understand their work in this area. Mary will send TFTM the link to Tom’s Relying Party Best Practices example. Linda will send Tom the TFTM join.me information in the Model of the User in the Database section of the site.
    • Login page is something Tom wants to discuss further. We do have an image that was created and sent to TFTM about a year ago about selecting an identity, under Common.
    • Since then Tom has looked at other sites and has grabbed other images to see other examples.
    • Mary talked about what happens when someone changes their email. Does Kavi allow people to update their own profile?
    • Your profile is linked to your voting rights. But people should be able to change their information. We need to be able to allow users to change their profile information. Tom proposes to add email verification. We need to figure this out and document the process as we conform to the principles of IDESG.
    • Mary suggests we hold a working call with herself, Tom Jones, Jenn Behrens and Sal D’Agostino to work through some of the issues Tom has surfaced. Bring in Hans Vargas as the Operations lead in the IDESG to discuss the implications as we a move off from KAVI to another system (that he may build for us).
    • Tom is trying to develop conformant requirements with our own IDESG rules. He is not making the policy, only the requirements. At least two new fields have been added already to support the policy.
    • There will be a big membership drive starting in the spring - going to companies that are self-attesting. IDESG will bring in a business development person to help with this process.
    • Tom indicated that what he is doing is an example only; someone else needs to implement. He mentioned OpenID Connect conference taking place prior to RSA where we might list this site. Deadline to submit to OpenID is February 9.
  • UXC Workplan for 2017
    • Each committee has been asked to state what they will be working on in 2017. IDEF registered mark is one activity. Mary will email TFTM about the registered mark.
    • At next week’s meeting, Mary would like to discuss the Workplan in more detail.

11. Adjourn 1:02p.m. EDT

  • Next meeting is scheduled for January 24, 2017.

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