June 23, 2015 Meeting Page

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  • Jim Zok
  • Mary Hodder
  • Paul Knight
  • Ellen Nadeau
  • Ann Racuya-Robbins
  • Noreen Whysel
  • Linda Braun, Global Inventures

Meeting Notes

  • Mary Hodder led the call. Notes taken by Linda Braun

Agenda Review – distributed by Mary in advance of the call.


  • The following minutes were approved:
    • March 10, 2015
    • March 17, 2015
    • April 7, 2015
    • April 21, 2015
    • May 5, 2015
    • May 12, 2015
  • Format of minutes discussed with goal of putting the minutes on the wiki. Action: Ann and Mary to discuss further how to proceed.

Discussion Notes

  • Current Work and Activities:
    • Review of UXC Requirements, and Supplemental information, Guidelines and Metrics: https://www.idecosystem.org/wiki/User_Experience_Guidelines_Metrics is most important area UXC is working on right now.
    • Standards Coordination Committee review of KAB starting 7/1/2015 removed from agenda.
    • Design pattern work pushed off until September.
  • Information Ethics Discussion:
    • Suggestion was made to rename to Information / Bio Ethics Discussion. How UXC might integrate new understandings into UXC work. Action: Ann to send link to UXC prior her giving the team a presentation on the subject (to be scheduled).
  • Housekeeping tasks:
  • Review of prior action items to keep on the list or remove:
    • 1. Ann and Mary to discuss Human Centered Possibility driven options in general and a focused response to "How are UX Metrics obtained." (keep)
    • 2. Ann mentioned that UX to consider insertions of the word "transparency" in requirements and supplemental. (keep)
    • 3. Mary to write up proposal for review of terms (keep)
    • 4. Discussion about reference materials, for example: Metrics document for UX Benchmarks: http://www.measuringusability.com/blog/ux-¬‐benchmarks.php (keep)
    • 5. Ellen suggests possible standard for the Standards Coordination Committee: http://www.iso.org/iso/iso_catalogue/catalogue_tc/catalogue_detail.htm?csnumber=58625 (keep).Ann will request review copy of standard; UXC to add as SCC inventory.
    • 6. Review other committee’s requirements for UX guidance. (keep). Ann to post her notes to the UXC list.
    • 7. Clarify Listing/ Advertising on UX Wiki.
    • 8. Mary to ask for MA for ISO Standard Review copy (keep)
    • 9. Create another page(s) for UX review of other committees’ requirements; Ann will help create these. (keep)
    • 10. A brief paragraph about how to approach the UXC wiki may be helpful for new participants…”start with the Agenda…” (keep)
    • 11. UXC has an opportunity to weigh in on “Anonymous” term in healthcare. (keep). Ann to check on next Healthcare Committee meeting. Write-up term description for healthcare.
  • Supplemental Guidance discussion
  • Virtual Plenary
    • Paul will go over the Dashboard at the meeting. If UXC has anything to cover during his review of the Dashboard, let him know ahead of time. Mary stated UXC will not do a report out.

Actions from today's meeting

  • Ann and Mary to discuss further how to proceed with minutes format.
  • Ann to send link on Information / Bio Ethics.

Adjourn: 1:02pm EDT.