May 10, 2016 UXC Meeting Page

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  • Mary Hodder
  • Suzanne Lightman
  • Jim Zok
  • Tom Jones
  • Jim Kragh
  • Paul Knight
  • Linda Braun, Global Inventures

Meeting Notes

  • Mary Hodder led the call. Notes taken by Linda Braun
  • Meeting was called to order at 12:07p.m. ET
  • Meeting Notes: No minutes approved this week.
  • IPR policy reminder:

  • Recording policy:[1].pdf

  • Roll call.
  • Quorum was met.


  • Design Pattern Work
    • Tom had previously sent his update to the actors section, Design Patterns Common to any Internet Identity Ecosystem – Privacy Considerations.
    • The team discussed adding a link from the baseline requirements so UX wouldn’t have to copy text into the UX section. They continued discussing the updates to the actors section. Suggestion was made to send out the Design Pattern pages to other committees for feedback (Privacy, Board of Directors, Chairs Committee and TFTM).
  • Standards
    • Mary has asked for a copy of the third standard on usability and is waiting for a response.
  • Upcoming work
  • SALS ATO Program Development Team
    • Noreen is doing testing on the initial set of wire frames with individuals.
    • ConnellyWorks has indicated there are too many acronyms and suggested “IDEF Listing Service” instead of SALS (which may stay as internal name).
    • The team is working on a way to provide a self-identity for organizations back to their listing for those who have self-attested (on the website).
    • Web development team is working on the site.
    • Operations Manual review by UXC has been requested.
    • There has been an agreement with NIST and the FMO that the Board would confirm the Authority to Operate by May 20 then the launch takes place at the Plenary. It was suggested that we should do a self-assessment on the site. Mary will bring this up at the Board meeting.
    • DUNS number is not required even though it is included on the website. It is asked for in other NIST sites. Recommendation was to not include on the website. Mary will bring this up at the Board meeting.
    • There is pre-print form available on the site before applicants start the application process.
    • Noreen is talking with users of SALS on what happens if an entity answers partially and saves their work and realizes they answered incorrectly. That is a concern and may push organizations to answer all questions at the same time. Noreen is working with users to get feedback on this. One answer might be to force organizations to print the PDF and answer the questions they want to respond to.
    • Change order in summer is being looked at to add this feature (save work and come back to it later).
  • Election
    • UXC needs to do an election and Mary and Linda will work to set this up via Survey Monkey. Open positions are for Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary.
  • Ongoing Action Items
    • Update Reqs and SG for July 15, 2016
    • Consider insertions of the word "transparency" in supplemental guidance.
    • Create another page(s) for UX review of other committees’ requirements
    • Waiting on Jamie's write up on SME requests - UX work in or 3 different SME reqs
  • Next regular meeting May 24, 2016. No meeting on May 17, Linda to cancel.


  • Adjourn: Meeting was adjourned at 1.04p.m. ET