NIST SP 800-152

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Title: Requirements and Desirable Features of U.S. Federal Cryptographic Key Management Systems

Category: Security Requirements Profile

Date: 8/8/2012

Creator: NIST


Description: This document provides policy guidance for designing NIST SP 800-130 conformant Cryptographic Key Management Systems for Federal Government purposes, with the goal of providing requirements to support interoperability and compliance with Federal policy. For all of the requirements categories it provides base requirements, augmented requirements and desirable future goals.

Privacy: Lists anonymity and protection of personal privacy as stretch goals for section 4.4 Accountability. It also refers to personal and function authentication for access to keys and metadata as a desirable goal for a CKMS, this feature would support protection of user attributes by supporting individual accountability.


Interoperability: The purpose of the document is to provide parameters to SP 800-130 that will permit an interoperable selection for CKMS used by the Government.