PIV-I for Non-Federal Issuers

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Title: Personal Identity Verification Interoperability (PIV-I) For Non-Federal Issuers

Category: Credential Requirements Standard

Date: May 2009

Creator: Federal CIO Council

URL: http://www.idmanagement.gov/documents/PIV_IO_NonFed_Issuers_May2009.pdf

Description: Requirements for non-Federal issuers of cards designed to interoperate with the Federal PIV system. Requirements are grouped into the following sections: common terminology for identity cards, technical requirements, an identifier namespace that permits unique identifiers for all users, and the establishment of trusted identities.

Privacy: No stipulations.

Security: The document is an information security policy.

Interoperability: The document promotes interoperability between Federal and non-Federal credentials, issuers and relying parties.