Patient Interaction with HIE

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Full Title

A use case for a Patient Interaction with HIE (Health Information Exchange) service.


  • This is one constituent of a Health Care Profile
  • The primary source of information was the IHE IT Infrastructure White Paper of the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise. (2020-12-02)
  • While the source document addresses legacy content sharing infrastructures, this use case will only address FHIR ver 4.


  • User = health care provider requesting information about a patient that is seeking healthcare.
  • Patient = the subject of the Electronic Health Record (EHR).
  • Content Creator = a web addressable holder of EHRs.
  • Content Consumer = a physician or practice seeking information.
  • Share Content is a registry (or registries) describing a Document Sharing infrastructures including MHDS, XDS, XDR, XCA, etc. but see comment above limiting the scope to FHIR ver 4.
    • Medical Record Locator Service
    • Patient Consent Locator Service