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Proposed Definition

  1. Name claimed by a person or organizational entity which is not verified as belonging to the entity.
  2. A case where the claimant chooses to actively conceal/protect portions of their identity information. (Wallace)
  3. A fictitios name claimed by an entity which is not verifiable as belonging to the entity. (D'Agostino)
  4. A ficticious name which is not verifiable as belonging to a specific entity. (Garcia)


The first proposed definition above is explicit in applying to persons and organizations because other sorts of devices do not have legally valid names. In other words it is not meaningful for a mobile device or domain name to have a pseudonym. Example: Different communities have different expectations with respect to pseudonyms. The names that online video game players give to their gaming avatars are pseudonyms. Most online social networks lack an effective mechanism for verifying the names of users, so those names may be considered potential pseudonyms.





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