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Collaboration Working Draft Page for TFTM 01-02

Proposed Approach to the Approach Paper

Strawdog approach to creating the content for the paper:

  • Step 1: Pose questions that will need answers in order to determine feasible approaches
  • Step 2: Answer the questions
  • Step 3: Brainstorm a range of Approaches that might be feasible
  • Step 4: Construct a scoring tool to select the ‘best’ short list of Approaches
  • Step 5: Polish up and add detail to the Approaches

Starter list of questions needing answers

These are questions to seed the discussion about what the Approach Paper needs to cover. The idea is that the Approach Paper should answer these questions & from the answers a range of choices can be determined and ranked. The best few can be recommended to TFTM in the report.

Questions that might need to be addressed in the Approach Paper (in no particular order):

  1. What is the desired target state (a vision of the Interim ID Ecosystem compared to the NSTIC Strategy Vision of what the ID Ecosystem will become)?
  2. What artifacts, policies, processes, programs, standards, technologies, must exist in order to achieve the target state?
  3. What kinds of Governance structures and processes will be needed?
  4. What Operational costs, requirements, implicit warranties, etc will be required for the Interim state?
  5. What tradeoffs are needed?
  6. Are there cost considerations?
  7. What timeline to achieve the goal is reasonable?
  8. What is the expected lifespan of the Interim state?
  9. What kinds of major decisions are needed?
  10. What legal issues might exist due to the plan to go through an Interim state?
  11. What level of effort might be needed?
  12. What enablers, accelerators and shortcuts could be exploited?
  13. What are the primary barriers in achieving the Interim state?
  14. Who are the beneficiaries of the Interim ID Ecosystem?
  15. What value does having an Interim ID Ecosystem create?