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NOTE: This content is DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION and has not been ratified by the TFTM Committee

Control Code Scheme for TFTM Deliverables

To ensure consistency in naming conventions and tracking numbers, the TFTM will use a control code scheme as described here.

{"TFTM"} {ss}-{dd}-{vv.v} {"DRAFT" | "FINAL" | "PUBLISHED"}

ss= Work Stream # - controlled by TFTM Leaders

dd= Deliverable number - incremented as new deliverables are defined and started - controlled by TFTM Work Management team

vv.v= Version number - controlled by deliverable Editor - 0.0 if not started yet

The first number in a sequence is 01. Whole number versions to be used for finalized drafts ready for approval. Single sub-version level only (e.g. 1.08, 1.09, 1.10, 1.11 is the correct sequence)

Filenames to start with Control Code followed by title

For example:

Document Control Code Meaning
TFTM 03-01 This is the 'root' code for Workstream 03, Deliverable 01 - all related document versions use this root. Deliverable working pages are filed under the 'root' code - Deliverable Filenames include the root plus version.
TFTM 03-01-0.5 DRAFT Workstream 03, Deliverable 01, version 0.5 - this is the 5th working draft version as defined by the document editor
TFTM 03-01-1.0 DRAFT Workstream 03, Deliverable 01, version 1.0 - whole version number indicates that this DRAFT is ratified by the working group
TFTM 03-01-1.0 FINAL Workstream 03, Deliverable 01, version 1.0 - FINAL indicates document is ratified with no further changes allowed for 1.x version level
TFTM 03-01-1.0 PUBLISHED Workstream 03, Deliverable 01, version 1.0 - PUBLISHED indicates this document is approved for formal publication as an IDESG artifact

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