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NOTE: This content is DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION and has not been ratified by the TFTM Committee

Deliverable Terms of Reference Template

Use this 'form' to define the parameters of your deliverable.

Deliverable name: Deliverables must be 'things' not activities or events e.g. Report, Template, Policy, Catalog, Site
Document Control Code:
Person Responsible:
Deliverable Audience: i.e. who will consume or use this work directly? Tip: The audience must be aware of this.
Anticipated result: e.g. "This deliverable will be used by xxx to do yyy"; "This deliverable defines rules for control and operation of xxx"; "This deliverable is a catalog of xxx"
Anticipated start date:
Anticipated delivery to TFTM date:
TFTM Work Stream: Workstream Numbers and Names
Contributor Names: A running list of individuals, work groups, committees, sub-committees
Collaboration method: e.g. phone, email, listserv, Plenary, F2F
Meetings and Frequency: The TFTM committee calendar will hold the actual call information
IDESG Committee Involvement: For each Standing Committee, specify the type of connection with TFTM for this deliverable.

Standing Committees:

  • Standards:
  • Privacy:
  • Security:
  • Policy:

Connection type: TFTM Informs; TFTM requires other's deliverable output; TFTM/Other joint work team; Other reviews TFTM work

Filename for public version (if known): The Filename might be different for the final document than for working drafts
Table of Contents Link (if known):

Recommended Work Pattern for Deliverable Sub-groups

This section contains a list of recommended activities to be used during deliverable development. Please only use the items that make sense for your work. It is not comprehensive, but rather contains important steps to improve planning, improve quality, improve communication, improve timelines and decrease your stress levels.

  • Launch Deliverable Team
    • Review, update and publish Deliverable Terms of Reference information
  • Gather Requirements
    • Solicit requirements from other Committees
  • Consider Use cases
    • Check the Use Case repository for candidates
    • Update the Use Case repository with new use cases
  • Determine Solution Options
    • Gather input and feedback from TFTM members for options analysis and decision
  • Design Solution
  • Design processes
  • Implement