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NOTE: This content is DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION and has not been ratified by the TFTM Committee

Working Area for TFTM 01-04

Deliverable name: NSTIC/IDESG Interim Requirements Catalog
Document Control Code: TFTM 01-04
Person Responsible: TBD
Synopsis: A catalog of all known business, technical and legal functional and non-functional requirements for the ID Ecosystem and Ecosystem Framework. Sources will include: the NSTIC Strategy document; NSTIC Pilot Projects; and, requirements identified by IDESG Committees. The catalog will be constructed primarily to achieve an operating Interim Identity Ecosystem with Early Adopters in place. This deliverable should be approved by the Plenary.
Deliverable Audience: IDESG - this is the core reference for the Interim Ecosystem, Interim Ecosystem Framework and Interim Trust Mark Program.
Anticipated result: The Catalog will be used as input into the designs of the TFTM and other IDESG Committees. It will be a firm description of the ID Ecosystem. The minimum baseline requirements for the Interim Ecosystem participants will be developed from this deliverable.
Anticipated start date: TBD
Anticipated delivery to TFTM date: 15 April 2014 (IDESG Inc. start of operations)
TFTM Work Stream: TFTM-WS1: Establish an Interim ID Ecosystem Framework, Interim ID Ecosystem & Interim Trustmark Program
Contributor Names: Scott David, Tony Nadalin, Dave Coxe, Ann Racuya-Robbins, Dazza Greenwood. Tentative: Joe Grubbs, Rick O'Brien, Bev Corwin, Adam Madlin
Collaboration method: e.g. phone, email, listserv, Plenary, F2F
Meetings and Frequency: TBD
Connections to other committees: For each Standing Committee, specify the type of connection with TFTM for this deliverable.

Standing Committees:

  • Standards: TFTM/Other joint work team
  • Privacy: TFTM/Other joint work team
  • Security: TFTM/Other joint work team
  • Policy: TFTM/Other joint work team
Filename for public version (if known): TBD
Table of Contents Link (if known): TBD