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NOTE: This content is DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION and has not been ratified by the TFTM Committee

Working Area for TFTM 01-06

Deliverable name: Interim Trust Mark/Listing Approach Paper
Document Control Code: TFTM 01-06
Person Responsible: David Temoshok
Synopsis: Paper will define 2-4 existing/potential approaches to Trustmark/Listing Services and the legal, administrative, and operational implications for each. It will conclude with a TFTM Committee recommendation for the Interim Identity Ecosystem Trustmark Program and the reasons behind the recommendation.
Deliverable Audience: TFTM- Ensure alignment and consensus on the Committees recommendations for a TM approach for the interim framework.

MC- For business sustainability planning.

Plenary- Ultimate audience; to ensure Plenary consensus on a TM approach for the interim ecosystem

Anticipated result: The approach paper will define the interim TM program and inform the long-term TM program. The approach paper will be used to inform discussion about IDESG Inc. business model viability and design.
Anticipated start date: December 2013
Anticipated delivery to TFTM date: 15 February 2013
TFTM Work Stream: TFTM-WS1: Establish an Interim ID Ecosystem Framework, Interim ID Ecosystem & Interim Trustmark Program
Contributor Names: Scott David, Tony Nadalin, Joe Grubbs, Rick O'Brien, Dave Coxe, Ann Racuya-Robbins, Dazza Greenwood.

Tentative: Bev Corwin, Andrew Hughes, Ian Dobson

Collaboration method: Teleconference Working Sessions; Email Chains
Meetings and Frequency: Bi-weekly and ad-hoc as needed.
Connections to other committees: Standing Committees:
  • Standards: TFTM requires input
  • Privacy: TFTM requires input
  • Security: TFTM requires input
  • Policy: TFTM requires input
Filename for public version (if known): TBD
Table of Contents Link (if known): TBD