TFTM 2014-08-13 Meeting Attachments

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NOTE: This content is DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION and has not been ratified by the TFTM Committee

Agenda & Action Items

 1  Call to order
 2  Roll call
    Quorum calculation
 3  IDESG Intellectual Property Rights Policy reminder
 4  Agenda review
    •	Review order of business for priority
    •	Call for additional New Business
 5  Today's Call
 A.  IDESG Updates
         i.   Plenary in Tampa September 17-19 2014 (5 minutes)
 B. Self Attestation workflow and template (30 minutes)
    * Listing service vs. trust marks/certification for self-assessment conformance recognition
    * IDESG responsibilities/obligations for self-assessment registry/postings 
         – e.g., validate bona fides only, validate self-assessment information, manage registry and inquiries
    * Need for Attestation Statement
    * Need for contract/legal agreement between IDESG and submitters
      David Temoshok
 D.  Tentative Plans for August leading to Plenary  ( open to discussion and change based on committee).
         i.   August 13    - Legal basis for self-attestations
         ii.  August 20    - Requirements process and planning (NPO)
                                    First review of Self-Assessment form
         iii. August 27    - GTRI
         iv.  September 3  - Initial Draft of Framework Planning 
         v.   September 10 - Business process models for TFTM work?
 6  Adjourn