TFTM 2014-08-20 Meeting Attachments

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NOTE: This content is DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION and has not been ratified by the TFTM Committee

Agenda & Action Items

 1  Call to order
 2  Roll call
    Quorum calculation
 3  IDESG Intellectual Property Rights Policy reminder
 4  Agenda review
    •	Review order of business for priority
    •	Call for additional New Business
 5  Today's Call
 A.  IDESG Updates
         i.   Plenary in Tampa September 17-19 2014 (5 minutes)
 B. Requirements development process and committee workflow
     Mike Garcia
 C. Self Attestation workflow and template (30 minutes)
    Building on last week's discussion of legal aspects of self attestation programs
     David Temoshok
 D.  Tentative Plans for August leading to Plenary  ( open to discussion and change based on committee).
         i.   August 13    - Legal basis for self-attestations
         ii.  August 20    - Requirements process and planning (NPO)
                                    First review of Self-Assessment form
         iii. August 27    - GTRI
         iv.  September 3  - Initial Draft of Framework Planning 
         v.   September 10 - Planning for the Plenary
 6  AOB	
 7  Adjourn	


Media: Chairs_deck_Requirements_20140722_mg.pptx

Media: TFTM_Self_Assessment_and_Conformance_Recognition_Program_82014.pptx