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NOTE: This content is DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION and has not been ratified by the TFTM Committee

This page lists the TFTM Deliverables and associated meta-data

The Document Control Code scheme for deliverables is:

{"TFTM"} {ss}-{dd}-{vv.vv} {"DRAFT" | "FINAL" | "PUBLISHED"}

Filenames to start with Control Code followed by Deliverable Title

The table lists the current Document Control Code for the Deliverable

Control Code Deliverable Title Synopsis Assigned to Estimated Date Coordinated with
TFTM 01-01-00.00 DRAFT Ecosystem Inventory A catalog of existing Trust Framework Providers, Trust Frameworks, Credential Service Providers, Identity Providers, Authoritative Parties, Relying Parties, Federations and Identity Solutions. Lists their key characteristics or attributes: function/type, community supported, accreditations, policy foundations, schemes/profiles, IDESG participation, POCs, etc. A questionnaire will be used to collect information, possibly in multiple rounds. The IDESG Members will polled first, plus other well-known non-member entities. The full catalog will be an internal tool for the IDESG and some information extracts may be published to the public from time to time. Jack Suess January 2014 Example
TFTM 01-02-00.00 DRAFT Interim Identity Ecosystem Approach Paper Describes the recommended approach to establish an Interim Identity Ecosystem. Takes into account requirements such as: the NSTIC objectives; achievement of results by specific target dates; ramping up scale, coverage and features through increments and evolution; legal considerations; and, demonstration of broad capabilities and serviced populations. Includes rationale for the Interim ID Ecosystem; high level implementation roadmap; and, points of coordination internal and external to IDESG. Contains enough detail to construct a work plan for next stage on the path to implementation. Andrew Hughes January 2014 Example
TFTM 01-03-00.00 DRAFT Interim Identity Ecosystem Framework Component Catalog The Component Catalog describes the functional and non-functional components that comprise the Interim Identity Ecosystem Framework. The components will meet the requirements identified in the Interim Identity Ecosystem Approach. The catalog may contain items for future development beyond the Interim phase. Components may include: policy, standards, processes, techniques, technologies, architectures, patterns, cryptographic methods, requirements, and operating rules. An evaluation process, developed collaboratively with other IDESG teams, will be developed in parallel for use in selecting the minimum mandatory components. TBD December 15, 2013 Example
TFTM 01-04-00.00 DRAFT NSTIC/IDESG Interim Requirements Catalog A catalog of all known business, technical and legal functional and non-functional requirements for the ID Ecosystem and Ecosystem Framework. Sources will include: the NSTIC Strategy document; NSTIC Pilot Projects; and, requirements identified by IDESG Committees. The catalog will be constructed primarily to achieve an operating Interim Identity Ecosystem with Early Adopters in place. This deliverable should be approved by the Plenary. TBD April 15, 2014* Example
TFTM 01-05-00.00 DRAFT Requirements Mapping and Analysis Paper A requirements analysis and mapping of trust framework components – business, legal and technical elements (which cover privacy, security, audit, certification and other provisions) and operational processes – to assess their alignment with NSTIC/IDESG Guiding Principles. The analysis will inform the process of establishing trust marks based on TF components most aligned with IDESG/NSTIC Guiding Principles and support reuse of those components within the identity ecosystem. Joe Grubbs August 2014 Example
TFTM 01-06-00.00 DRAFT Interim Trust Mark/Listing Approach Paper Paper will define 2-4 existing/potential approaches to Trustmark/Listing Services and the legal, administrative, and operational implications for each. It will conclude with a TFTM Committee recommendation for the Interim Identity Ecosystem Trustmark Program and the reasons behind the recommendation. David Temoshok February 15, 2014 Example
TFTM 01-07-00.00 DRAFT Interim Identity Ecosystem Acceptance Policy The policy to be used to grant use of the IDESG Trust Mark or listing service. Includes governance process definitions and structures, roles and responsibility, pricing parameters, on-boarding and approval processes. Plenary must approve. TBD April 15, 2014* Example
  • April 15, 2014 is date planned for IDESG Inc. start of operations

TFTM Deliverable Terms of Reference Template

Blank Terms of Reference Template

List of Proposed TFTM Deliverables

On the August 28, 2013 TFTM call, a list of proposed deliverables was presented.

Deliverables Proposed 2013-08-28