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Draft Trust Framework and Accreditation Charter




Official Title Trust Framework and Accreditation Committee (TFAC)

Rationale To provide a locus for trust frameworks to discuss items of mutual interest and define the necessary criteria and Accreditation & Certification processes required to support the recognition of IDESG identity assurance and trust for Identity Ecosystem participants consistent with the NSTIC Guiding Principles, including the consideration and analysis of legal issues and concerns associated with such processes.

'Objectives Document and coordinate the development of timelines, implementation plans, and artifacts, including the Identity Ecosystem Framework, evaluation criteria, and accreditation and certification schemes among trust frameworks and the IDESG, including: • Identity ecosystem accreditation and certification requirements and guidelines for Identity Ecosystem trust frameworks, service providers, and components; • Recommendations for the creation, establishment, maintenance, and sustainability of the IDESG trustmark program; and • Legal analysis of the issues that may arise with respect to the development, operation, and participation in the accreditation and certification scheme and the trustmark program.

Scope of Work and Activities The TFAC’s work will include development of recommendations, policies, guidelines, and processes to build and implement the identity ecosystem accreditation and certification program leveraging liaison relationships with trust frameworks and other IDESG committees. The TFAC will develop recommendations for the ongoing governance of the accreditation and certification program, but may not be responsible for the implementation and administration of all activities.

Duration The activity of this committee is expected to be ongoing as a standing committee of the IDESG.

Frequency of Meetings The TFAC shall convene as necessary. It shall meet no less than once per month.

Membership Membership in the TFAC is open to all eligible IDESG Members and is governed by the IDESG controlling documents.

Roles and Responsibilities

General Provision The TFAC will conduct itself in conformance with the IDESG Rules of Association and the Management Council’s “Note on Roles and Responsibilities of Standing Committees and Working Groups.”

The TFAC shall elect a Chair and a Vice Chair, or co-Chairs, and a Secretary by consensus or simple majority vote.