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Usecase AHG meeting 9 April 2014 4:00 pm EDT

Present: Bryan Russell (chair), Cathy Tilton, Jim Fenton, Bob Pinheiro, Jonathan Rosenberg, Bob Faron

Approval of minutes from March 26: Approved (Fenton/Tilton)

Bryan has comments from Ann Racuya-Robbins on the terms of use. Still waiting for input from Jim Fenton

Plenary report: Jim Fenton did the report-out at the plenary. Discussion of where we are in the use case lifecycle, and how we stand in particular with respect to the diversity criteria for use case sets. The intent was that the diversity criteria do apply to this first set of use cases, but the Management Council action required on each set of use cases isn't entirely clear. There was mixed success in getting the committees to review it, but they were given the opportunity (last fall).

Some question whether the document should pass for Privacy approval: from the AHG or SCC? Exact process probably doesn't matter, as long as the request for approval is clear.

Discussion of Bob Pinheiro's UMA-based use case: the use case describes granting access to a resource without the use of claims, as might be done if a resource owner directly gave access to a resource to another party. There was some discussion of whether this is in-scope for the Identity Ecosystem since it doesn't involve many of its mechanisms. Bob is revising this use case on the wiki for the next iteration.

There were other use cases asked for at the plenary, particularly for cloud-based services and policy-based access control.

Tom Jones did some revision of his use cases, but these changes need more review(privacy enhanced by user agent, trust elevation)

Goal for next week is to complete the dispositions. Bryan will put out an email to the listserv asking people to prepare any objections if they have any.

Meeting adjourned 5:05 pm EDT