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Use Case Ad-Hoc Group 3.12.2014 4:05p.m. EST

Meeting to order
Present: Tom J., Bryan R., Ann R., Jonathan R., Cathy Tilton., J. Andrew Hatter.

  1. Announcement of new chair of UCAHG
  2. Plenary requested report for Use Case deliverable breakout for Use Case
  3. It was recommended that Plenary Use Case report inspired direction for future Use Cases that show the enhanced business case for IDESG
  4. Terms of Reference document was presented, reviewed and made available for edit by UCAHG members
  5. Continued dispositions of comments from the MC
  6. Amended comment 1 as being noted and offer Use Case criteria revision at Plenary breakout
  7. Amend comment 3 to append flow diagrams in “Process Flow” of current Use Case. Required flow diagrams for future Use Cases.
  8. Delete 2.6 in the deliverable regarding Use Case Categories.
  9. Privacy committee offered comments for Use Case in January 2014 it was agreed to dispose of comments and append additional comments to Use Case containing privacy considerations