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Meeting Date: March 19, 2014


  • Bryan Russell (Chair)
  • Jonathan Rosenberg (Wiki master)
  • Ann Racuya-Robbins
  • Jim Fenton
  • Cathy Tilton
  • Tom Jones

March 19, 2014 UCAHG Agenda with Notes

  • Cathy Tilton took notes for this meeting.

1. Call to Order – 4:05
2. Request/assign volunteer to take notes – Cathy Volunteered
3. Roll call – See attendance above
4. IDESG Intellectual Property Rights Policy reminder


5. Review and approval of notes from 3/12/2014 meeting


Motion to approve – Tilton/Racuya-Robbins. Approved without modification.

6. Agenda Review

 a.	Review order of business for priority
b. Call for additional new business/plenary breakout topics (use case criteria)

No changes to agenda
7. Finalize Management Council Comment dispositions

 a.	Most of the comment disposition fields have been populated. 

Bryan walked through the MC comment disposition matrix. We got through comment #11, with some actions being highlighted.
The updated matrix is posted as a revision to the above file depot link. We will continue next week.

We did not address agenda items 8 & 9.
8. Review UCAHG Draft Terms of Reference


9. Review and incorporate Privacy Considerations received from the Privacy Committee to the end of each use case.

10. Adjourn
Adjourned 5:05 (Ann/Tom).

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