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Notes from IDESG Use Case AHG meeting, 26 March 2014
Jim Fenton took notes for this meeting.
Call to order: 4:05 pm EDT

Bryan Russell
J. Andrew Hatter
Jonathan Rosenberg
Jim Fenton
Tom Jones

IPR policy stated.

Review of meeting notes from last week, from the wiki.
Approved with correction to URL of previous week's minutes(ARR/JLF)

Terms of reference: Some editorial corrections are needed. TOR will not be ready for review at next week's plenary. Corrections should be submitted by marking up a copy of the document and sending to Bryan.

Continued review of Management Council comments on use cases:

PA-MC #8, Jim is willing to accept Tom's wording but cautions that others might interpret "block linkage" differently.

Bob Pinheiro's use case 3.5 (delegated authentication for user-managed access) is on hold pending revision. Bryan will inform Bob of this.

13: Credential issuance: Discussion about whether or not to drop the

use case as a duplicate. Consensus was to keep the use case.

14: Note added to end of process flow.

16: Removed anonymous, replaced with generation of a claim that does not cite a specific birth date. Tom Jones making changes on the wiki.

17: Change "service provider" to "relying party". Wording being

changed to make it less implementation-specific. Tom Jones making
changes on the wiki.

18: Noted

19: Error condition will be removed.

20: Some confusion about which "Privacy Enhanced by User Agent" use case -- there seem to be two of them. Tom Jones will soften the requirement.

We will have a breakout at the plenary Wednesday afternoon. Topic will be criteria for next set of use cases (reviewing existing criteria). If Cathy is not able to attend, we will need an alternate presenter for the report-out.

Adjourned 5:02 PM EDT.