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Ann Racuya-Robbins notetaker
Bob Faron
Bryan Russell
Cathy Tilton
J. Andrew Hatter
Jonathan Rosenberg
Tom Jones
Adam Madlin
Bob Pinherio

Meeting was called to order at 4:04

Items 1-5 routinely completed.

Item 9.
Adam began a discussion on how the Security/Functional Model committee is working on a “reference model” of the Functional Model for application for the Use Cases. Bryan mentioned that this is a good starting point for discussion. The question is raised as to what is the best way to collaborate. “Reference Implementation Wireframe” is the current title. A discussion took place as to the use of the Reference Implementation Wireframe. Adam clarified that we are on a new round of collaboration. Bryan questioned that the first phase of the security review has been accomplished. Adam said more or less. Adam will provide feedback on review process to the listserv.

Item 7.
Reviewed MC comments to include “deferred” disposition. A question was raised about the difference between “deferred” and “noted”. “Noted” means it will not be acted on. “Deferred” means it will not be acted on now. Authors are responsible to dispose of comments on the wiki by taking the accepted comments and adding to use case language on the wiki by next Tuesday May 20. If a Use Case is not a part of the Functional Model Review but the author has moved on the use case will be absorbed into the Adhoc group use cases. Revisions will be done by the next meeting.

Item 8.
Discussed how mapping should happen. ARR will draft language to better describe how the mapping process will take place, what it means and who will do it? There is agreement that a use case determined by the Adhoc to be “completed” is a deliverable from the Use Case Adhoc group.