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Usecase AHG meeting 21 May 2014

1. Meeting called to order at 4:05 PM EDT

2. Jim Fenton agreed to take notes.

3. Attendees:

Bryan Russell Cathy Tilton Andrew Hatter Jonathan Rosenberg Jim Fenton Tom Jones

4. IPR policy was cited.

5. Notes from previous meeting: Bryan previewed notes from 14 May meeting. Motion (Hatter/Tilton) to approve minutes, approved without objection. Bryan will get the notes to Jonathan for posting on the wiki.

6. Agenda: No issues.

7. Use case deliverable

Version 1.2 dated 20 May Word document was sent earlier today by Bryan. Asked how much time is required for review prior to being approved and sent to Standards. Question was raised as to whether the document uses the right template. Format of the document is the same as the last version, but the template may have come out between versions. Bryan solicited help to get the document into the new format, but lacking volunteers, decided not to try to change the format lest it introduce additional delay.

Ann Racuya-Robbins made changes to her use case, and sent a message yesterday indicating that she had further changes yet to incorporate. The question was raised as to whether or when to freeze the use cases. Motion (Hatter/Jones) to freeze and forward the use cases in their current form in the Word document; approved without objection.

8. UCAHG Terms of Reference

Reviewed the updated TOR (v.2) sent out by Bryan this morning. Discussion of membership in the AHG and in particular who can edit the wiki. Non-members can get a federated login, need to determine what they can edit (some concern about IPR issues here). Bharati provided information on the wiki guidelines that only members can create or edit wiki pages (although they can edit discussion pages):

"Only Authenticated/Federated users can edit the Discussion Page of the Wiki, and do not need to be an IDESG Member to do so. However, only IDESG Members can create a new page, and edit an existing page. The designated Activity Leads (like Cathy Tilton), can protect a Wiki page, which means nobody can edit such a page including Members. Please see information at - Bharati"

Purpose of the ad-hoc group seems to have been dropped from the Purpose section. A comment was made that the use cases should include a statement of their value proposition; there was some disagreement whether or not this is in the scope of the AHG. Andrew agreed to put together some proposed text.

Bryan will make amendments to the TOR, and send out for review and discussion at the next meeting.

9. Other committee work related to use cases: Not discussed.

10. Meeting adjourned 4:59 PM EDT.