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Usecase AHG meeting 28 May 2014

1. Meeting called to order at 4:05 PM EDT

2. Jim Fenton agreed to take notes

3. Attendees:

Bryan Russell (Chair) Ann Racuya-Robbins Jim Fenton Jonathan Rosenberg Robert Faron Bob Pinheiro

4. IDESG Intellectual Property Rights Policy was cited.

5. Review and approval of notes from 5/21/14 meeting Motion (Racuya-Robbins/Fenton) to approve minutes, approved without objection.

6. Agenda Review

Tom Jones' functional requirements document, sent out today, will be reviewed as time is available. Otherwise will be agendized for next week.

Functional model mapping: We need to discuss to make sure what we're doing is cohesive with other groups' work. Timing is TBD (probably a meeting or two away).

7. Use Case deliverable and next steps

Bryan will present the Use Case deliverable at tomorrow's Standards Committee meeting. Will vote on approval tomorrow if there's quorum and no substantial questions.

Comments made by Seetharama Durbha on one of the use cases (one of the four use cases nominated but not included in the current set) were mentioned, and the question raised whether these use cases should also be included in the initial set. Bryan said this use case hasn't been through the process but will probably be in the second set.

There was further discussion about our process, whether it supports the overall IDESG timeline, and whether the process should change.

8. Review and discuss UCAHG Terms of Reference

Three new bullets under "Purpose" were added since the previous version. Some comments: - "value proposition" should be plural - Not sure what "provide support" (last bullet under Purpose) means. - Confusion over the term "terms of reference" vs. charter. An ad-hoc group doesn't have a charter, but otherwise it's similar.

Bryan asked Jonathan to post the document to the file depot. Comments are solicited for the next week; will be agendized for approval at next week's meeting.

9. Functional requirements discussion

Tom Jones presented his functional requirements document. Suggestion to cite the major communities of interest: financial, health, and A&D (aerospace and defense). Comments should be directed to Tom.

9. Meeting adjourned 4:59 pm EDT.