X.509 Certificate Policy For The Federal Bridge Certification Authority

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Title: X.509 Certificate Policy For The Federal Bridge Certification Authority

URL: http://www.idmanagement.gov/fpkipa/documents/FBCA_CP_RFC3647.pdf

Version: 2.25

Date: 9 December 2011

Author: Federal PKI management authority


RFC 3647 compliant certificate policy for the Federal Bridge CA. It defines a total of 12 policies, including the following assurance levels for human end users: Rudimentary, Basic, Medium, PIV-I Card Authentication, Medium Hardware, and High.

Terms Defined

Access, Access Control, Accreditation, Activation Data, Affiliated Organization, Applicant, Archive, Attribute Authority, Audit, Audit Data, Authenticate, Authentication, Backup, Binding, Biometric, Certificate, Certification Authority, CA Facility, Certificate, Certificate Management Authority, Certification Authority Software, Certificate Policy, Certification Practice Statement, Certificate-related Information, Certificate Revocation List, Certificate Status Authority, Client (application), Common Criteria, Compromise, Computer Security Objects Registry, Confidentiality, Cross-certificate, Cryptographic Module, Data Integrity, Digital Signature, Dual Use Certificate, Duration, E-commerce, Encrypted Network, Encryption Certificate, End-entity, Entity, Entity CA, FBCA Management Authority, Federal Public Key Infrastructure Policy Authority, Firewall, High Assurance Guard, Information System Security Officer, Inside Threat, Integrity, Intellectual Property, Intermediate CA, Key Escrow, Key Exchange, Key Generation Material, Key Pair, Local Registration, Memorandum Of Agreement, Mission Support Information, Mutual Authentication, Naming Authority, Non-repudiation, Object Identifier, Out-of-band, Outside Threat, Physically Isolated Network, PKI Sponsor, Policy Management Authority, Principal CA, Privacy, Private Key, Public Key, Public Key Infrastructure, Registration Authority, Re-key (a Certificate), Relying Party, Renew (a Certificate), Repository, Responsible Individual, Revoke A Certificate, Risk, Risk Tolerance, Root CA, Server, Signature Certificate, Subordinate CA, Subscriber, Superior CA, System Equipment Configuration, System High, Technical Non-repudiation, Threat, Trust List, Trusted Agent, Trusted Certificate, Trusted Timestamp, Trustworthy System, Two-person Control, Update (a Certificate)