Yadis 1.0

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Title: Yadis Specification 1.0

Category: Attribute Discovery Protocol Specification

Date: 3/18/2006


URL: http://infogrid.org/trac/export/1639/docs/yadis/yadis-v1.0.pdf

Description: The Yadis specification includes an identification scheme for people and non-person entities, a syntax for describing service resources available based on that identifier and a discovery protocol for obtaining the resource description document. Given a Yadis ID, it is possible to discover what services that ID can be used to log into. It is designed to work with OpenID and LID.

Privacy: The services discovered and accessed via Yadis should implement appropriate privacy protections. The resources associated with and ID may provide general information about the user's online activities and thus may be considered private information.


Interoperability: The document promotes an interoperable method for naming entities and for discovering services based on those names.

Terms: Yadis User, Yadis ID, Yadis URL, Yadis Resource, Yadis Service, Yadis Document, Yadis Resource Descriptor, Resource Descriptor URL, Agent, Yadis User Agent, Relying Party, Relying Party Agent