FIPS 201-1

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Title: Personal Identity Verification (PIV) of Federal Employees and Contractors

Category: Credential Requirements Specification

Date: March 2006

Creator: NIST


Description: Specifies the architectural and technical requirements for the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card system for Federal employees and contractors. The document provides requirements in the area of identity proofing, registration and issuance, as well as credential lifecycle and management requirements. Further NIST documents incorporated by reference are SP 800-73, Interfaces for PIV; SP 800-76, Biometric Data Specification for PIV; SP 800-78, Cryptographic Algorithms and Key Sizes for PIV; SP 800-79, Guidelines for the Accreditation of PIV Card Issuers; SP 800-87, Codes for the Identification of Federal and Federally-Assisted Organizations; SP 800-96, PIV Card to Reader Interoperability Guidelines; SP 800-156, Representation of PIV Chain-of-Trust for Import and Export; and SP 800-157, Guidelines for PIV Derived Credentials.


Security: The document is an information security standard.