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Definition for purposes of the Baseline Functional Requirements v1.0

"User" broadly means ... .

See the definition provided in Appendix A, developed by the IDESG User Experience Committee:

USER: In USABILITY statements, refers to an individual human being. This does not include machines, algorithms, or other non-human agents or actors. Equivalents and related terms may include: user-centric, user-centered, human-centered, end user, individual user, user-friendly. In SECURITY statements, may refer either to an individual natural person, or to an entity such as a company or agency: Various security requirements may confer opportunities, rights or remedies on a party or account which is served by a cybersecurity function, whether that account relates to a single human or to an organization.

For definitions of user, user-centric and others, see the NSTIC Strategy (page 8 and throughout) :