ISO-IEC Directives Part 2

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Title: ISO/IEC Directives, Part 2: Rules for the structure and drafting of International Standards

Category: Document Development Standard

Date: April 2011

Creator: ISO/IEC


Description: Rules for ISO/IEC on how to structure and develop international standards documents, including International Standards, Technical Specification, Publicly Available Specifications, Technical Reports or Guides. A common lexicon of terms is provided in section 3 and later sections address general principles, structure and subdivisions. The section on drafting addresses normative elements such as title page, introduction, scope, references, terms and definitions, and (optionally) requirements. Attention is paid to proper drafting of requirements, if included. A clear distinction shall be made between requirements, statements and recommendations. Definitions of requirements should also include (by definition or reference) test methods for checking conformity to the requirements. The document also addresses proper use of tables figures and mathematical formulae. Further sections address conformity assessment, quality management and presentation. Annex D defines drafting and presentation of terms and definitions.




Terms: Standard, International Standard, International Standard, Technical Specification, Technical Report, Guide, Publicly Available Specification, Normative Element, Preliminary Informative Element, Supplementary Informative Element, Mandatory Element, Conditional Element, Requirement, Recommendation, Statement