March 1, 2016 UXC Meeting Page

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  • Mary Hodder
  • Ellen Nadeau
  • Jim Zok
  • David Temoshok
  • Suzanne Lightman
  • Paul Knight
  • Jim Kragh
  • Linda Braun, Global Inventures

Meeting Notes

  • Mary Hodder led the call. Notes taken by Linda Braun
  • Meeting was called to order at 12:04p.m. ET
  • Meeting Notes: Approval of minutes from Feb. 23, 2016 held until next meeting.
  • IPR policy reminder:

  • Recording policy:[1].pdf

  • Roll call.
  • Quorum was met.


  • Common Design Pattern Work
    • The team review Ellen’s edits to the common design pattern. She suggested that the team still needs to work on requirements-like language. She commented that any language in the design patterns that sounds like requirements/SG should be replaced with language pulled directly from the IDEF v1 requirement/SG. She did pull in specific IDEF requirements in a few places throughout the doc as examples. Suggestion was to keep as general as possible right now as a placeholder.
  • Standards Coordination Committee (SCC) update.
    • Mary attended the SCC meeting last week and reviewed the two standards UXC had nominated. They are ISO 9241-210: Ergonomics of human–system interaction — Part 210: Human-centered systems and ISO 98-1: Uncertainty of measurement — Part 1: Introduction to the expression of uncertainty in measurement. Action: Mary to email Rene about filling out evaluation forms. No one on the UXC volunteered.
    • Mary will fill out the nomination forms for the two remaining standards.
  • Functional Model and Glossary call for nominations.
    • At the chair’s call last week, the subject came up on the topic of creating a cross-organizational committee to focus on the glossary and functional model update. Andrew Hughes will chair the call.

Mary has volunteered to represent UXC. If others on UXC are interested in joining, please let Mary and Andrew know.

  • Review of Ongoing work
    • SALS Review for Board - UXC will review SALS documents as needed.
  • FMO (Paul Knight)
    • Paul and Mary reviewed the TODO items for UXC in the Framework Work Plan v2.

    • Some of the items were confusing, but they seemed to have cleared up the misunderstanding. Mary, Paul and Jamie will get together to make sure they are in-sync with these items. Mary indicated that we need to hire someone on a piece meal basis who has user experience (usability) knowledge. One item would be to rework the narrative from the usability review of SALS.
  • OpenID: - Mary offered the Open ID Certification link as an good example of a certification site. She had forwarded to Carl Mattocks, the person working on the SALS Product Development Committee work with her.
  • Privacy group is still working on usability. They will look at UXC disclaimer language.
  • Security Committee is talking about starting up glossary work and expansion of the functional model.
  • Action Items
    • Mary to email Rene McIver about filling out evaluation forms. No one on the UXC volunteered.
  • Next regular meeting March 8, 2016.


  • Adjourn: Meeting was adjourned at 1:03 p.m. ET