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  • ISO/IEC 27001 is the best-known standard in the family providing requirements for an information security management '''Security''': A commonly used standard used for online systems.
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  • ...rotect the confidentiality of data. While not specifically a “privacy” standard, the controls address access and encryption of sensitive information which
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  • ...dations] were published in 1984 (Red Book). They were designed to become a standard for identifying users, but that role has been assumed by internet email add There is an internet standard that requires the user select, or be assigned, an unique identifier called
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  • eventually through standard development organizations and adoption by the IDESG.
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  • ...nclude standards that are not relevant to security. Anyone can nominate a standard to the Standards Committee, but the Security Committee as a whole should no
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  • **ISO 29115 the Security Committee had already submitted this standard to the Standards Committee. ...OK to include if there are no endorsement of products. We have a minimum standard for quality and it has to help people in a more general way. Mary will add
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  • ...ncil will be making some recommendations on the process; this is the first standard brought forward and is getting a lot of visibility.
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  • ...the impact? One idea to think about for UXC is commenting on 800-63-3. The standard changes to four levels of authentication to a two position grid. The origi
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  • the reports that are generated for the usage logs. They are a default standard for what WordPress does. We could make a recommendation on what the log re
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  • ...and submitted with the nominated standard. Appears anyone can nominate a standard. with Cathy Tilton to familiarize himself with the process to nominate a standard.
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  • ...ted (3) distinguish among a standard and how to test a standard; does each standard that we have, come with an associated test plan. All three valid, but purpo ...ho are going to attest to our requirements, that if they implement a given standard they already attest to a set or all of our requirements.
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  • ...given feedback to this section on users with disabilities. There is an ISO standard in terms of user that would be helpful to look at. Mary added “reasonab
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  • for consideration. Lacking any other standards, they are recommending a standard Level Of Assurance (LOA) 3 for accessing their own protected health informa ...uss. Adam Madlin will follow-up with Adrien to discuss his opinion on this standard and will report back to the Security Committee.
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  • ...catalogue_detail.htm?csnumber=58625 (keep).Ann will request review copy of standard; UXC to add as SCC inventory. **8. Mary to ask for MA for ISO Standard Review copy (keep)
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  • ...-profit alliance. Being used worldwide. UK Government is using FIDO as a standard and is something this group should be considering. https://fidoalliance.or ...a smart chip. It is simple for people to enroll and it is portable. This standard fits under the GSMA umbrella of standards.
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  • *Security Committee submission of standard
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  • ...king on supplemental guidance and a new reference page. They will vote on standard 80063 and the committee is recommending approval.
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  • **Mary has asked for a copy of the third standard on usability and is waiting for a response.
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  • # Ellen suggests possible standard for SCC to review. This was in a response to ARR request. Wait until she
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  • ...ew is that assurance should be left to market and not formalized in single standard. There seemed to be a consensus on this among those present. ...tory and business relationships, or don't. There is no contract or formal standard involved. This is an example of actual practice. David also noted that OI
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