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  • The ability to use a resource or a service. More specifically, the Permissions or Entitlements To interact with a system entity in order to manipulate, use, gain knowledge of, and/or obtain a representation of some or all of a syst
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  • ...ed at an Identity Provider (IdP). This has lead to a back-lash against the use of the term identity in the technical community. This model uses the term Identifier in places where other models use the term Identity for reasons that should be clear towards the end of the
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  • == Use Case Metadata == '''Un and Underserved People Enter the Identity Ecosystem: (Case #1) Leveraging a Bank Account to receive a Digital Identity ''':
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  • (ss) While I understand that this is a high level Use Case I have the following questions: ...e many more questions of this type but since this is a very high level use case I will leave off this kind of question here.
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  • **This includes comments relating to the economic, privacy, security, environmental, energy, or federalism impacts that might ...uding the purpose and scope of data requested, to the mDL holder and never use blanket terms and conditions in lieu of informed consent.</blockquote>
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