TFTM 2014-12-10 Meeting Attachments

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NOTE: This content is DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION and has not been ratified by the TFTM Committee

Agenda & Action Items

 1  Call to order
 2  Roll call
    Quorum calculation
 3  IDESG Intellectual Property Rights Policy reminder
 4  Agenda review
    •	Review order of business for priority
    •	Call for additional New Business
 5  Today's Call
 A.  IDESG Updates (10 minutes)
      i. Virtual Plenary - please Register; Forum created for discussion
     ii. Plenary update  - January 28-30 - please Register
    iii. FMO update on Requirements/Plan tracking
 B. Joint UXC/TFTM call;  Dec 16, 9-10am PT, 12-1pm ET; using UXC concall
 C. David has drafted a Terms and Conditions text - Ben Willson will walk us through the initial discussion (this does not preclude legal review)
 6  AOB	
 7  Adjourn	


For discussion today:

Media: Draft_Terms_and_Conditionsv0.1.docx

Media: IDESG_Conformance_Attestation_Program_v0.5_clean.docx