Taxonomy AHG Meeting Notes 2/6/2014

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Adam Madlin (Chair) Ryan Galluzzo Tom Jones
Suzanne Lightman Mike Garcia Seetharama Durbha
Sal D’Agostino Christopher Spottiswoode Anne Racuya-Robins
Colin Wallis Jonathan Rosenberg Robert Faron



  • Discuss updates to workplan


  • Notes from the Plenary anonymity and pseudonymity “birds of a feather” session are available on the wiki page.
  • Elections are soon and Adam is a candidate for “at large” delegate.

Glossary Version 1.1:

  • The privacy committee formally approved glossary set number one. There are some notes that will be accompanying the committee response.
  • The Privacy Committee believes that there was the possibility that future terms may require them to revisit the previously approved definitions for unforeseen privacy implications.
  • The next step is to have the glossary submitted to the MC for review. Adam will clarify the proper procedure for Plenary review and approval before next week’s meeting.
  • Anne wanted to ensure that the AHG group was aware that the privacy committee acknowledged the need to reconcile the expectations of the end user and the goals of the IDESG; particularly around anonymity and pseudonymity.

Terms of Reference

  • The wiki site now only uses the “taxonomy” rather than “terminology” to avoid any future confusion.

Taxonomy Workplan

  • Adam put together a draft workplan to transition the taxonomy committee to an “on demand” role; he will be requesting volunteers to help lead some of the workstreams he has identified. He is also seeking comment and input from members of the AHG.
  • Robert Faron suggested using members of the AHG who participate in other committees to help communicate the changes as well as to gain input into what terms may be necessary to define going forward.
  • Tom suggested we could use committee liaisons to accomplish this.
  • Jim Fenton volunteered to lead the effort to identify “must have” terms.
  • Adam would like everyone to come prepared with options for the “taxonomy process” by the 20 February meeting.
  • Seetharama will lead the effort to review and update the terminology submission process.
  • No one objected to starting communication around the potential changes with the other committees of the IDESG.
  • Adam would also like the AHG to begin considering what would be best to present at the next plenary session. He will seek suggestions at the next meeting.

Taxonomy Terms of Reference

  • Sal is still working on a draft terms of reference though he believes that input to the workplan will impact the direction this document goes.

Close Out

  • Identified workstream leads to begin work.
  • Adam will provide update on plenary approval process/timeline.


Action Owner Due Status
Provide update on plenary approval process/timeline Adam M. 13-Feb Open

Quick Links: Taxonomy | Taxonomy Project Management | Taxonomy AHG Catalog | Taxonomy AHG Glossary |