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Wiki Basics

If you are new to using a Wiki, take a look at the MediaWiki Help section for guidance on navigating and editing pages as well as an overview of basic and advanced functions. If you prefer reading a book for a guided detailed walk-through, a good one is Working with MediaWiki.

Page Structure

Every Wiki 'Page' is made up of two parts, accessible by the 'tabs' at the left-hand top of the page:

  • Page is the content itself - ideally each page should cover a single and discrete topic;
  • Discussion, which is the background 'chat' about what appears on the related main Page.


Within any Page or Discussion, it is possible to navigate to and create new links to, other topic Pages. It is core to the simplicity and power of the wiki - keep topics discrete (if you go off topic, just spin up a new page!) and use links as much as possible.
Another 'beauty' of the wiki model is that by 'mentioning' a new topic, through a new link, the new topic is immediately available for new content to be created, simply by anyone clicking on the link to the (currently non-existent) page for the new topic.


Have a file that you want to upload and share with others as part of a discussion? No problem, just Click here... to upload a file and once created, link to it or embed it in a page.

Access Management

Below is a summary of the levels of access that different users have to both the IDESG website and the Wiki:

Online User Type * Public Authenticated User IDESG Member Activity Lead
Logged in to IDESG? x x x
IDESG Member? x x
Wiki Permissions Read x x x x
Write Discussion Page x x x
Write Page x x
Upload Documents x x
Protect Page x
Website Permissions Read x x x x
Download Document x x x x
Post to Discussion Forum x x x
Edit Pages, Events, Documents x
* Notes:

"Public" - accessible to anyone;
"Authenticated User" - anyone with IDESG website credentials;
"Member" - anyone bound by the IDESG Membership Agreement;
"Activity Lead" - any IDESG Member who is a group chair and/or has been assigned a role as an Activity Lead within a group.