Health Care Profile Sandbox

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Full Title or Meme

This Health Care Profile Sandbox details a test suite that will allow developers of code and user experience to assure the compliance of their products to the Health Care Profile of the basic framework



  • There are a large number of working parts for a successful US Healthcare Ecosystem.
  • In order for vendors and providers to test both their software and their implementations there needs to be a full functional test environment.
  • There are some question about how users will interact with the systems. It is very difficult to test the user acceptance without a system that is functionally complete.


The following services are needed for a fully complete test profile.

  1. Trustregisty - which will have certificates for all part of the sandbox and for any incoming test service
  2. Source EHR with a set of test patients and the ability to issue medical record locators for those patients.
  3. Credential Service Provider - which will accept requests from smartphone for validation as conformant for both IAL2 and AAL2
  4. Destination EHR that can accept an identifier token from a patient on a validated smart phone
  5. Medical record locator server (lower priority)

It will also be necessary for some vendors to supply smartphone native apps and other services to validate the sandbox before it is opened for general use.


  • The page Health Care Profile contains the details that will allow developers of code and user experience to create compliant products to the framework.