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So that we are clear...

The term "Standard" is used here to include work produced by a wide variety of recognized de jure and de facto standards bodies from global, regional and national standards organizations to consortia and other groups producing notable work.

Standards Inventory

The work of the IDESG Standards Coordination Committee includes a responsibility to:

  • To identify and publish lists of new and/or existing open standards relevant to the NSTIC Identity Ecosystems.

As such, the Committee is maintaining, in its Standards Inventory, an evolving list of standards that are being or have been examined, referenced, discussed and/or identified for use within IDESG.

To submit a proposed standard to the Committee, complete "Section A: Nomination” of the IDESG Standards Nomination Form and send it to the Standards Coordination Committee (SCC) listserv ( at the attention of the SCC Chair.

The form is also stored in this wiki at File:IDESG Standards Nomination Form 2016.docx.

Click here to go to the Standards Inventory.

Standards Registry

The corpus of standards adopted by the IDESG as part of the Identity Ecosystem Framework is contained within the IDESG Standards Registry. This registry lists all standards adopted by the IDESG plenary, along with metadata about each such standard as specified by the IDESG Standards Coordinating Committee (SCC) Charter.

According to the SCC Charter one of the committee's duties is to review applicable standards and adopt those that support the achievement of the NSTIC vision, conform to the Guiding Principles and meet other established requirements.

Click here to see the list of IDESG adopted standards: IDESG Standards Registry

Standards Developers

IDESG reviews the participation and openness policies of Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) which have developed those standards included in the Standards Registry. The approved SDOs are listed in the IDESG Approved SDO List.

Official IDESG Standards Handling Policy

The IDESG Management Council has promulgated an official Standards Handling Policy that explains how the IDESG respects the intellectual property of the standards development organizations it works with.


What does it mean for a standard to be listed in the IDESG Standards Inventory / Standards Registry?

The IDESG Standards Inventory is a listing of standards relevant to the Identity Ecosystem and related domains. The Standards Inventory is INFORMATIVE, not mandatory. That is, the listing of standards in the IDESG Inventory is intended to inform of standards that bear relevance to the Identity Ecosystem as a reference. The IDESG makes no qualitative assessment or recommendation for the use or implementation of the standards in the Standards Inventory for the Identity Ecosystem.

The IDESG Standards Registry is a listing of standards that have been evaluated and approved (adopted) by the IDESG as consistent with NSTIC principles and other IDESG-defined criteria. The standards in the IDESG Standards Registry are RECOMMENDED for use in an Identity Ecosystem, but are recommendations only and are neither mandatory nor normative. Within the IDESG, any standard that is normatively referenced within an IDEF document MUST have been approved (adopted) by the IDESG, and thus MUST appear in the IDESG Standards Registry.

If I don't find a Standard on the Standards Inventory and want to add one to the list? Or I want to discuss one?

Due to IDESG system changes, as of 2016 the text below is not accurate, 
because wiki write access is not currently available to all IDESG members. 
Please contact the Framework Management Office - 
Paul Knight ( - 
to add items to the Standards Inventory.

Any IDESG Member can propose an addition to the Standards Inventory. To do so, just add the short name or reference of the standard in the textbox below and click "Add Standard" - this will create a new page template, allowing you to add any relevant information about the standard and even to start discussion about the value of the standard to IDESG work. To add a new standard:
<inputbox> type=create editintro=Template:Standard/editintro preload=Template:Standard placeholder=Enter short name or reference buttonlabel=Add Standard break=no </inputbox>