Patient authenticates to EHR to access their lab results

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Full Title of Use Case

Patient logs into tethered Personal Health Record (PHR) to access their lab results.

Use Case Category:

Contributor: IDESG Health Care Committee

Use Case Details


  • Patient
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR)


  • Patient has previously been proofed in person and has had their driver's license and insurance card copied.
  • Email address is used as a unique patient identifier for this purpose.
  • Password is the single factor token used to authenticate.



Process Flow

Patient has been seen previously in the facility and has given their email address. Patient logs into the PHR and is asked to use credentials from Google, Facebook, Yahoo, or Microsoft. Patient uses email address and Google account password to authenticate themselves and they are given access to their PHR from which the lab results can be viewed.

Success Scenario

Error Conditions


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