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This page provides descriptive material and links to the IDESG Self-Assessment Listing Service (SALS) program, designed to help identity service providers to assess their readiness for full participation in widespread digital identity ecosystems that are

  • privacy-enhancing and voluntary
  • secure and resilient
  • interoperable
  • cost-effective and easy to use

as outlined in the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC).

Baseline Functional Requirements v1.0

The IDEF current version of the Requirements approved by the IDESG Plenary for self-assessment by providers of their readiness for reliable and secure identity transacting, originally approved by the IDESG Plenary in June 2015, can be found here: Baseline Functional Requirements v1.0.

SALS Identity Provider Application Package (ALPHA TEST TERMS)

Identity service providers who wish to advise the public about their progress in implementing the NSTIC Principles, using the criteria provided in the IDEF Baseline Functional Requirements, are encouraged to list on the SALS. The program is in its ALPHA TESTING phase, during which results will not be publicly posted. Organizations interested in participating in the SALS can contact us at The ALPHA TESTER informational and application materials for identity service providers will be found here: SALS ALPHA TESTER Package.

SALS Identity Provider Application Package (PRODUCTION TERMS: in draft)

Upon the launch of IDESG's self-assessment program, at the conclusion of the alpha testing phase, identity service providers will be able to share their progress towards the NSTIC Principles under the finalized terms of service and documentation for the program. These documents are being finalized during alpha testing, and may change, although we expect they are close to final. The current proposed informational and application materials for the program can be found here: SALS Application Package.

Self-Attested Info about Participating SALS Providers

This program is in ALPHA launch phase. The displayed data for early respondents will be linked here when initially available.