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Full Title

The SMART App Launch Framework connects third-party applications to Electronic Health Record data.



This section address both problems with SMART as documented as well as unmet needs for user's to access their PHI.

Issues with FHIR as written

Unmet needs

  • The list of apps at smarthelath ID includes only 8 that are specifically designed for just patients. Apple Health is not on the list.
  • Only two of the Featured Apps are designed just for patients.
  1. Carefluence Patient Portal aggregates patient data from connected facilities into one patient portal. Low rating on Google Play.
  2. CommonHealth help people collect and manage their health data had share it. Web based - appears to be dead.
  • Of the over 260 health apps on Google play, a majority are not related to clinical health. (2021-04)


This is a few proposals about where to focus next.